Company Background

In the early 1980's our engineers saw a need in the industry to improve quality and consistency of finish, ease of changeover from profile to profile, and noticed a desire to save pace on machinery. These needs were met because woodworkers from the furniture, kitchen cabinet and specialty wood products industries were instrumental in the design of Turbosand.

Turbosand's goals are to improve your edge sanding quality on hardwoods and medium density fiberboard for furniture, kitchen cabinets and specialty wood products. Many of our customer's products are sent directly into the finishing department after edge sanding.

Our strategy has been to look forward to customers' edge sanding needs. We've designed new heads, finer abrasives, and new supply strategies to keep costs reasonable and worked directly with customers to improve our service.

CEO Message

Our mission at Turbosand continues to be the design, manufacture, and sale of labor saving sanding systems for the wood products industry, priced reasonably and built with functional simplicity to a consistent high quality standard.

Our Location

Our Shipping Address:

2350 Barney Street
Anderson, CA, 96007

Please be sure to include contact information with any packages or correspondence.

Our Office Hours

We are open Monday through Friday
7:00am to 3:30pm Pacific Standard Time
We are closed on national holidays throughout the year.

For General Information

Our office can be reached at:
Phone: (530) 378-6891
Toll Free 1-877-348-8726
Fax: (530) 365-3315

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