Turbosand for CNC Routers

Mounting and Using Turbosand on a CNC Routers

Today's CNC Routers are high-precision machines and the tools used on these expensive investments needs to be precise as well. Turbosand's die-formed abrasive solutions are the most precise and consistent sanding product available.

Turbosand and Turboflex can be mounted on nearly any standard tool holder in use today. Whether you have a tool holder with an integral-arbor or a nut-and-collet, we can provide the parts needed to complete the mounting. Consult with your area representative to determine the best method for your machine.

Whether sanding door edges, furniture parts, contours on musical instruments, or even small decorative features, Turbosand and Turboflex can help reduce labor, save time, and improve finish quality. Take a look at some examples of the types of sanding options in active use around the world.

Rosette Series

Grooves and Small Details

The Turbosand Rosette series permits sanding of details too small to finish by hand. With bits as small as 2" in diameter, the rosette series can fit into places our larger heads simply cannot sand into.

Rosettes for Corian
Rosette for Groove
Rosette Detail Groove
Typical rosette series applications (L to R): a TS30-NC used for polishing solid-surface, a TS25-NC used to finish-sand tooling grooves in a rack, and a panel groove in a solid door face.

Classic Series

Outside Edges & Panel Raising

Most of our standard profiles can be setup for use on a router. It is now possible to sand the edges of cabinet doors or other components using the same tools used on inline shape-sand machines and tenonners providing maximum consistency and simplicity in finishing across the entire shop. The original classic series is available in 3", 5", 6", 7", and even 8" diameter heads. For tool changers and space-restricted machines the smaller heads often fit in the space of a single tool while on machines with large motor housings or limited travel have benefited from larger heads.

Head on HSK Toolholder

Simply provide us details about your application and we would be happy to quote your solution. Send samples or drawings of your detail along with information about the machine on which you would like to use our products. You can contact our sales staff by telephone or by email or use one of our local dealers.

If you like, you may also print out the Evaluation Form for submission by fax