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Rotary sanding at its best.

Precision and Simplicity combined in pursuit of the finest finishes in woodworking. Turbosand is a die-formed abrasive insert which will not distort your profile and will provide a superior uniform finish on the most complicated details. Turbosand can be ordered in a wide range of abrasive grits and is suitable for all types of natural and engineered wood products. It can even be used for solid-surface materials. Choose from our inventory of thousands of existing profiles or have us match your custom profile.

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Finishing Made Simple

Created by popular demand. Our TurboflexPro abrasive flap-sanding system makes an excellent compliment to our product line. Used as a stand-alone finishing-system or in conjunction with other products, this flap sander will help you attain a beautiful finish.

TurboflexPro consists of pre-profiled abrasive flaps and backing brushes mounted on a universal head. Changing profiles is as simple as removing one set of abrasives and installing another. Because the abrasive flaps are die-cut for a specific profile, it won't round off sharp corners and yet will still sand down into the full contour.

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Insert Tooling

Precision Shaping Solutions

Every finishing project begins with the shaping tools; if the shaping tools are not well-made, professionally balanced tools, they can mar your surface and ruin the entire work-piece. Begin your finishing solution with our outstanding customized shaping tools. Built in our production shop to our demanding standards with the goal of producing a smooth, clean edge, our shaping tools provide the ultimate match to our sanding products.

Our insert tooling can be ordered in several grades of carbide, each especially selected for many different natural and man-made substrates commonly used today. Inserts are also available in diamond-tips for those applications where carbide does not provide sufficient wear-life.

We can produce any profile in our catalog or create a custom profile to your specifications.

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Turbosand TS6-AA Head
Our most versatile head.

The original head designed by our engineers remains one of our most popular due to its range of profiles and ease of use. In fact, the TS6-AA head can run hundreds of profiles; see our Profile Catalog for a typical selection. (Most of the profiles in our catalog may be downloaded as DXF files from our archive.) The one-piece die-formed plastic inserts slip into specifically designed grooves in the head without tools or complicated retaining devices. Cool running, the inserts match your profile very precisely and will not burn-off sharp corners or miss the bottom of inside curves. Whether sanding a simple shaker-style edge, a bullnose, or a beaded decorative edge, the results will be a uniformly sanded, consistently crisp detail.

The TurbosandTM inserts for any given profile are available for order in commonly used abrasive sizes from 80 to 220 grit. You can mix and match grits to meet your precise finishing needs - and there is no additional charge for multiple grits. The abrasive used in the manufacture of our products is the same product you can buy for your disc or belt sanding equipment. For specialty polishing applications such as solid-surface materials, Turbosand can also be ordered with TrizactTM brand abrasives from 3M Company.

Our standard head comes configured by default to fit a 1-1/4" diameter spindle using our tapered-collets. Sanding heads and split-collets may be ordered to fit any standard spindle or arbor diameter in use today, including metric sizes. And they can also be ordered for stack-tooling applications.

The original 6" diameter "AA" series heads are also complemented by similar 3" and 5" diameter sanding heads. These smaller heads allow for Turbosand products to be mounted in machines with limited space (such as tool-changers on routers) or for sanding curved parts with small inside radii.

Additionally, we offer wider versions of this design. The "BB" and "CC" series heads accommodate thicker substrates and are also available in the 3", 5", and 6" diameters.

All of our sanding heads are suitable for use on feed-through shape-sand machines, tenonners, or CNC Routers. Machines lacking sanding stations can also be adapted for Turbosand using Dual Sanding Attachments.

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Example of an AA Head Example of an AA Head

Additional Styles

TurbosandTM sanding heads are available in even more configurations than are detailed here. Consult with your nearest dealer or a member of our technical staff to determine if your application requires a style not shown on our site.

Turbosand TS6-RP Head
Sand straight and arched panel doors to a beautiful finish.

Another classic favorite. The TS6-RP panel sanding head is a very simple concept with a single snap-on plastic insert which is used to finish raised-panels for five-piece door assemblies and other deep-reveals. There are literally hundreds of profiles available for this head. Available profiles are shown in our Profile Catalog and can be downloaded from our DXF archive.

The TS6-RP can be used alone or with a rub-collar to follow curved edges. Sand arched or cathedral-style panels quickly and uniformly. The standard head comes equipped for a 1-1/4" spindle, but can easily be ordered to fit any common spindle or arbor size on the market. While the standard 6" diameter size is the most commonly used, for special applications, we also offer 5" and an 8" diameter versions of this head.

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Rosette Series Heads
Applications for CNC Routers.

Specifically designed for complex decorative applications, the rosette series heads cover a range from as small as 1" in diameter to as large as 4" diameter. Conceived to be used in places where the traditional Turbosand heads cannot go, these smaller diameter bits are used to finish small grooves, slots, and decorative features. The rosette series is entirely customized to your specific application and vary in diameter and design.

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