Insert Shapers and Turbosand

General Information

To achieve a good finish it is essential that your parts be machined accurately using tools designed to minimize runout and profile inaccuracies. Our insert tooling is specifically designed for use with Turbosand and Turboflex sanding heads; our shapers will match the sanding heads precisely every time.

Every insert body in our line is manufactured using state of the art CNC turning and milling equipment to exacting engineering standards. Precision balancing and the use of tapered split-collets help eliminate runout and vibration which contributes to improved cutter life.

Replaceable Carbide Knives

The knives for our shaper system are produced from high-quality carbide grades using precision profiling equipment for optimum profile accuracy. Every knife will match the Turbosand profile every time. Knives can be sharpened four to five times and still retain sufficient profile accuracy to be used with Turbosand for a great finish. Insert knives are available in multiple grades; improved finish and increased tool life can be achieved by applying the appropriate carbide grade to substrates such as MDF, OSB, or materials which include glue-lines or hard surface materials.

Example Carbide Inserts

We have a stock inventory of literally thousands of edge-details, raised-panels, door-pulls, and stile/rail profiles. If you cannot find a suitable profile in our standard inventory, we can produce knives to match your specific design. You can contact your area representative to receive a quote.

Diamond-tip Inserts

We now offer diamond-tipped (Poly-Crystalline Diamond or PCD)insert knives. Available as drop-in replacements for our carbide inserts, the diamond-tip inserts are guaranteed to match the Turbosand profile.

PCD offers a very sharp cutting edge which will continue to produce a quality cut for much longer than is possible with carbide. PCD is particularly advantageous when used to profile substrates which contain abrasive material or chemical compositions which prematurely wear carbide knives. Substrates with top or bottom laminates or cores of OSB or MDF are examples of the types of materials for which PCD inserts are well suited.

Example Diamond Inserts

Nearly any profile in our inventory which has been produced using standard carbide can be readily ordered as PCD - with no need to purchase an additional shaper body. This permits carbide knives to be used as backup in the event that a PCD tip is damaged or must be returned for sharpening, helping to eliminate downtime and improve long term productivity.