Turbosand Head Identification

Part Numbering

Here are some typical examples of our part numbering schema:

  • TS6-AA
  • TS8-FBB/35
  • TS5-RP/1.5

Each part of a Turbosand head is marked with a letter code which combined together identify the style of head. For example, the two halves of a TS6-AA head are each marked with the letter code "A"; hence the designation "AA". The diameter indicator is an approximate measure of the heads outside diameter; a TS3-AA and a TS6-AA are each marked with the "A" code, and have readily distinguishable diameters. The bore may be easily measured to determine its size as well. The numbering scheme to the right is then used to determine the full part number of the assembled head.

Interpreting a typical part-number

PrefixNominal DiameterHead StyleBore Diameter
Indicates a
Typical values include 3,5,6,7,8
Matches value on sanding media
Turbosand Head Style
Additional Feature Indicators
/1.5Indicates that the head should have a 1.5" bore
/30 Indicates that the head should have a 30mm straight-thru bore
/40C Indicates that the head should have a 40mm bore with tapered cones
/1.125 Indicates that the head should have a 1-1/8" straight-thru bore
/CNC Indicates that the head should have an integral arbor
/QC Indicates that the head must include a quick-change sleeve assembly
  • All imperial (inch) bores include a 1/4" x 60° conical taper for use with split-collets unless an "S" is appended
  • All metric (mm) bore sizes are straight-thru unless a "C" is appended to the bore indicator)
  • For spindles less than 1-1/4" diameter, split-collets should be used to adapt the Turbosand head and prevent slipping

Turbosand Insert Identification

Part Numbering

Here are some examples of the part numbers which are found on the Turbosand abrasive inserts:

  • AA-60067-0/150
  • AA-30067-0/150
  • AA-50067-0/150
  • RP-60308-0/180
  • FBB-82625-0/220
  • BB-61714-35/120

These identifying marks are embossed into the plastic body of the sanding media as shown in the images below.

Interpreting a typical part-number

Head StyleNominal DiameterProfile No.TiltAbrasive Grit
Indicates the Turbosand Head used with the insert Typical values include 3,5,6,7,8
Must match the nominal diameter of the head to be used
Turbosand Pattern Number: Identifies the unique profile of the insert Angle at which the sanding spindle must tilt to align insert to profile. ("0" indicates a vertical spindle) Order according to preference. 80, 150, 180, 220 standard.
  • All Turbosand inserts of the same type may be used on the same head of the correct type. For example, any strip marked "AA" can be used with a "TS6-AA" style head. This permits the running of many different profiles while reducing overall cost.
  • Strip-style inserts (i.e. marked "AA","BB","CC") can be ordered for multiple head sizes. For example, the insert for Pattern #0067 can be ordered for 3, 5, or 6 inch diameter "AA" style heads.
  • Standard abrasive grits are aluminum oxide - standard in the industry for finishing wood. Ceramic oxide abrasive is available for finishing solid-surface substrates or stone. Contact our representatives to discuss these applications

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