An Improved Flap-Sanding System

Created to meet the demand for a simple, easy to use companion system to our original Turbosand products, the Turboflex system can be used either as a stand-alone finishing product or as a compliment to the original Turbosand line. Manufactured using industry-proven abrasive, the Turboflex series sander is available as both a generic and a profiled sander. The generic Turboflex is suitable for use with simple parts where matching a contour is not needed while the profile specific "Pro" variant is used for profiled edges

All Turboflex series sanders consist of an aluminum sanding body, backing sanding brushes, and abrasive sanding flaps. The abrasive flaps are loaded along with the brushes into slots on the sanding head to provide a flexible finishing face. The sanding heads can be used on tennoners, feed-through shape-sand machines, and even on CNC Routers. Aggressiveness can be adjusted through a mix of abrasive grits and the number of abrasive flaps installed on the head.


The abrasive flaps and brush have been die-cut to match a profile. Available to match any existing Turbosand profile, the Turboflexpro line will not skip over inside curves and minimizes the rounding off of sharp outside corners. The sanders are forgiving of alignment and profiling errors and the finish can be adjusted by adding or removing flaps on the head. Original Turboflex Picture

A variety of available head styles and different widths of abrasive allow Turboflexpro to be applied to nearly any finishing operation. Send us a sample or a drawing for consideration and we would be happy to assist you in developing your finish application. Contact your nearest Turbosand dealer or your Regional Sales Manager for a quotation>